USAV/Badger Region Volleyball


  • I WILL abide by the official rules of USA Volleyball.
  • I WILL display good sportsmanship at all times.
  • I WILL encourage my child and his/her team, regardless of the outcome on the court.
  • I WILL educate myself on the unique rules of this facility.
  • I WILL honor the rules of the host and the host facility.\
  • I WILL generate goodwill by being polite and respectful to those around me at this event.
  • I WILL direct my child to speak directly with his/her coach when coaching decisions are made that may be confusing or unclear.
  • I WILL re-direct any negative comments from others to the respective Event Director or Program Administrator.
  • I WILL direct all concerns regarding officials to the Head Coach or Club Director for my team/club as opposed to contacting the Head Official directly.
  • I WILL immediately notify the Event Director and/or Program Administrator in the event that I witness any illegal activity.
  • I WILL support the policies and guidelines of the team/club that I represent.
  • I WILL positively acknowledge effort and good performance for both teams, remembering that all of the players in this event are amateur athletes.
  • I WILL model exemplary spectator behavior while attending this event.
  • I WILL respect the history and tradition of the sport of volleyball by being a good ambassador.


  • I WILL NOT harass or intimidate the officials, Line Judges, or Scorekeepers.
  • I WILL NOT coach my child from the bleachers and/or sidelines.
  • I WILL NOT criticize my child’s coach or his/her teammates.
  • I WILL NOT participate in any game or game-like activities — including on-court ball shagging – unless I have a current membership card with USA Volleyball.
  • I WILL NOT bring and/or carry any firearms at any USA Volleyball/Region event.
  • I WILL NOT bring, purchase, or consume alcohol at any Youth/Junior volleyball event.

Event management may refuse admission to, or reject without refund, anyone who is deemed disorderly, or who fails to comply with these guidelines or any and all security measures and laws.

Spectators assume all risks incident to the game, or related events and activities, including the risk of lost, stolen, or damaged property or personal injury.

©USAV/Badger Region Volleyball Association – 2013-2014